USA Perfekt Stranger

Steve Murray - Lead Vocals, Guitar
* 06. Juli 1964 in Crockett, Texas

Shayne Morrison - Bass, Backup Vocals
* 13. Jan. 1966 in Athens, Texas

Richard Raines - Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
* 29. April 1975 in Bryan, Texas

Andy Ginn - Drums
* 15. Febr. 1963 in Memphis, Tennessee

Eric Campbell ; Larry J. Weber

Stil : Contemporary Country
Label : Curb

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Perfect Strangers is a band of established bluegrass veterans with talent and vitality to burn. The group was assembled by Chris Brashear to play on his CD Wanderlust which was released on Copper Creek records to much critical acclaim and a lot of airplay. They jelled so well they decided to continue playing together. Now four years old, the group has played major folk and bluegrass music festivals from coast to coast. All the band members sing and all are songwriters. Perfect Strangers’ presentation is unusually warm and friendly, their repertoire unique and their music outstanding.

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