• Born in a small town outside of Waco, Texas it seemed that life steered James Hand toward the life of a country singer. James didn't choose the life he lives, it chose him. Perhaps when he sat on Lefty Frizzell's lap when he was six months old, fate had already been decided for him. There is nothing fake, false, or counterfeit about James Hand, which is why Willie Nelson calls him "The Real Deal!".. .. At the young age of 10 he acquired his first guitar and set out to make great music. By 14, James was singing and writing songs for his classmates, friends, family, and eventually barroom patrons. He spent years honing his skill and writing about whatever entered his heart. Whether his songs are about a feisty parakeet trapped in a cage with a mirror, a tender ballad composed just after his heart had been shattered, or a man burning down the place where his memories linger, each song bears a piece of his soul. .. After almost 30 years of playing the bars and honky-tonks and sharpening his skills, James finally recorded his first album in 1996 entitled "Shadows Where The Magic Was". This was to be the CD which would allow his music to reach the masses outside of the smoky bars and festivals of Texas. .. By 2003, James had recorded two more albums including a live album entitled "James Hand Live from the Saxon Pub". He was, and continues to be, a success in Austin, often playing sold out shows to crowded dancehalls alongside Billy Joe Shaver and Dale Watson. .. 2006 proved to be a huge year for James. He was noticed by Rounder Records and signed to a record deal with the independent record label. James also went on a successful tour of the U.K. with his long-time friend Dale Watson. Soon after the signing of the deal with Rounder, James set about recording his first nationally released album "The Truth Will Set You Free". Produced by Ray Benson and Lloyd Maines, the album proved to be a cornucopia of talent. Lloyd Maines played acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and dobro. Redd Volkaert and Will Indian topped off each song with their signature lead guitar licks. Of course, the album was only truly complete when Jason Roberts came in with his amazing fiddle. Speedy Sparks kept beat with his bass. .. As a testament to the success of "The Truth Will Set You Free", Rounder and James are currently working on a brand new album set to be released in the Fall of 2009. Almost everybody from the first James Hand/Rounder collaboration returned to make the second. Ray Benson and Lloyd Maines are again producing this release, along with Will Indian, Speedy Sparks, and Jason Roberts returning to fill their natural roles. However, this album is already said to be a "steel guitar festival on CD", with Cindy Cashdollar and Lloyd Maines rolling the bars, Speedy Sparks and Kevin Smith playing bass, and John McGlothlin rounding it out on the drums. This album is sure to be the best James Hand album to date. .. As most everybody who as seen him knows, James is truly one to be watching. With his career in full swing, and his talent not even at it's full peak yet, there are certain to be many great moments in this singers life. .. If you happen by a bar and you hear the lonesome moan of a singer rifting from inside who tells a story of heartache and misery, or perhaps an upbeat rockabilly song about being chased by the rabid dog of an ex, you may be hearing James Hand. Step inside and give a listen, you will never regret it. .. -Brandon Arriola .. ..http://www.jamesslimhand.com.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... James at the Broken Spoke. Courtesy of Broken Spoke Films .. ........ .. .. .. .. I made this myspace background at ...... .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  • Mitglieder

    The James Hand Band .. .. Will Indian - Lead Guitar; Band Leader.. Speedy Sparks - Bass Guitar.. John "Skillet" McGlothlin - Drums..
  • Einflüsse

    Dean Martin, Johnny Cash, Lefty Frizzell, Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb, Carl Smith, Conway Twitty, Hank Thompson, George Jones, Chuck Berry, Jim Reeves, Ray Price, Stonewall Jackson, Johnny Bush, Johnny Horton, Marty Robbins, Buck Owens, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, & many others.

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