USA Highway 101

Gegründet :
Mitglieder :
Cactus Moser - Vocals, Drums, Guitar
* 11. Okt. 1953 in Montrose, Colorado

Curtis Stone - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar
* 03. April 1950 in North Hollywood, California
Chrislynn Lee - Lead Vocals
* 16. Mai 1966

Charlie White
Paulette Carlson - (Lead Vocals, Guitar)
* 11. Okt. 1953 in Northfield, Minnesota

Jack Daniels - (Vocals, Guitar)
* 27. Okt. 1949 in Choctaw, Oklahoma

Nikki Nelson - (Lead Vocals, Guitar)
* 03. Jan. 1969 in San Diego, California

Stil : Contemporary Country
Label : Freefalls


Highway 101 is an American country music band founded by Paulette Carlson (lead vocals), Jack Daniels (guitar), Curtis Stone (bass guitar, mandolin) and Scott "Cactus" Moser (drums). With Carlson as lead vocalist, the band recorded three albums for Warner Bros. Records Nashville and charted ten consecutive Top Ten hits on the Hot Country Songs charts, four of which went to Number One. After Carlson left in 1990, the band recorded a fourth album for Warner with Nikki Nelson on lead vocals before exiting the label. One album each followed on Liberty, Intersound and Free Falls Records. Moser, Stone, Nelson and Andy Gurley comprise the current lineup.



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